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RelaFlow Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Brand Guidelines page for RelaFlow. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you understand and correctly utilize our brand identities in a manner that aligns with our vision and values. Here, you'll find essential information about our logos, color schemes, proper usage of names, as well as guidelines for Tyler Zey's brand.

“RelaFlow isn't just another CRM; it's a game-changer in real estate, leveraging AI and automation to transform relationships into success stories”

Tyler Zey Suit Square
Tyler Zey


The RelaFlow logo is a visual representation of our commitment to innovation, simplicity, and efficiency. It should be used in its original form and colors, without any alterations. Please ensure it is clearly visible and not distorted or obscured in any way.

All white logo - for use on dark backgrounds

White RelaFlow Logo

White text with colored logo - for use on dark backgrounds

Color RelaFlow logo

Colored logo

Colored RelaFlow Logo

Black text and black logo

Black and Black RelaFlow Logo


Our primary brand colors are Pink (#ea2088) and Dark Navy (#080b53). These colors represent our commitment to reliability, trust, and innovation. They should be used prominently in all our branding materials.


The name "RelaFlow" is written as a single word with an uppercase 'R' and 'F'. The name should always be spelled correctly and used consistently across all platforms.

Tyler Zey's Bio

Tyler Zey is currently the Head of Engineering for a health tech startup. He grew up in Green Bay before moving away to pursue a career in classical music. After obtaining a master's in music and playing the clarinet with the Santa Fe Symphony and New Mexico Philharmonic, he bootstrapped a real estate tech company. Tyler led a marketing team to build a website that attracted over 150,000 users per month while concurrently developing the product with his co-founder. In 2019, he successfully sold the company to private investors.

Since then, he has been serving in a software engineering leadership capacity for various early-stage startups. At Ours, he contributed to building an immersive couples' experience that was featured in the New York Times.

Recently, Tyler moved back to the Green Bay Area due to the growing tech community here and the opportunities that exist for young families. He is eager to be a part of the expanding tech community as an investor. Tyler has already invested in Coffee Wizardz's expansion to Appleton because, as he believes, you can't have great tech without great coffee.

Tyler Zey's Headshot

Tyler Zey Suit Square
Tyler Zey Suit
Tyler Zey Sweater Square
Tyler Zey Sweater


When using the RelaFlow brand or Tyler Zey's brand, always remember to maintain the integrity and respect the values that these brands represent. Any misuse or misrepresentation of the brand can harm its reputation and effectiveness. We encourage creativity and innovation, but please ensure that all branding materials align with these guidelines. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our brand team.