RelaFlow - a revolution in relationship management.

Join us as we empower and redefine what businesses and sales people can do.

Tyler Zey & Robert LaPrise have a history of success and innovation in the marketing & sales tech space. They successfully brought the innovative LeadSites platform to market in 2015. Now, they're bringing their expertise to the CRM space.

As a published sales and marketing tech thought leader on Inman, Easy Agent Pro, and many other platforms, Tyler Zey is a well-known name in the marketing and sales space.

Tyler Zey & Robert LaPrise planning RelaFlow's CRM

Founded Easy Agent Pro

Built a website platform for real estate agents. It was a huge success and pushed the boundaries of lead generation.

Sold Easy Agent Pro

Exited the company after 5 years of growth. The company remains in business today.

Tech Leaders for Startups

Gained experience and learned how to build transformative technology products.

Launched RelaFlow

Engineered a CRM for teams that is built around scaling relationships, collaboration and automation.

Why a new CRM?

In a world drowning in data, traditional CRMs are the anchors holding agents back. RelaFlow isn't just a CRM; it's the AI-powered compass that guides you through the sea of opportunities. Stop digging through your CRM – let RelaFlow tell you what to do, unleashing agents to achieve more in less time. It's not about managing data; it's about mastering your success with the power of AI-driven insights

Our people

Featured in Inman and RISMedia, Tyler Zey is a trailblazer in marketing and sales innovation. From successfully leading a real estate tech company to becoming a key figure in software engineering for cutting-edge startups, Tyler's return to his roots promises a new era of transformative solutions.

With a tech-forward approach honed in leadership roles at tech companies, Robert is set to redefine how sales people interact with their sales tools. Returning to the forefront, Robert brings a unique blend of technological prowess and industry expertise, shaping the future of the industry.

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RelaFlow - CRM office photo
Tyler Zey Headshot

We approach work with a growth mindset

The mental load of managing all of the relationships that contribute to your business's success is heavy. We're here to lighten the load. We believe that through the use technology...we can but to surface the most important actions you can take to grow your business. Relationships, plus a heavy dose of community and collaboration, is what makes RelaFlow different.


Technology leadership experience

We've been building technology for over a decade. We know what works and what doesn't.

1.2 million

Agents who have read or watched our content over the years

We're not new to the marketing and sales tech space. We've been helping sales people grow for years.


Leads generated for agents

We've helped agents generate a lot of leads. It's time to help them manage them.

Where we're located

We're a fully remote team with a base in Green Bay. The recent fund of $70m by Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers have created a new wave of tech innovation in the area. We're excited to be a part of it.

 RelaFlow - Real estate crm office photo
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