The CRM built for relationships

RelaFlow automatically tells you what to do today to build and maintain strong relationships. We determine who you should contact today based on your existing relationship. We then give you one-click actions you can use to contact that person. People automatically increase their daily activity after joining RealFlow.

 Real estate crm software

Everything you need to build relationships.

Discover the RelaFlow difference - A CRM designed to build and maintain relationships.

Connect your email account and we'll instantly start discovering your contacts and sorting them into followup buckets.

 Real estate crm software
 Real estate crm software

Frequently asked questions

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    • What is RelaFlow?

      RelaFlow is a fully featured CRM platform. The primary reason you would use it over other CRMs is that it is designed to automate the hard work of building deep relationships. We believe relationships ultimately help you win and keep more business. Unlike other platforms that focus on leads and volume, we focus on relationships and quality.

    • How does RelaFlow manage online leads effectively?

      RelaFlow employs advanced algorithms to consolidate and organize your leads. The system categorizes leads, prioritizes follow-ups, and automates responses, allowing you to manage leads seamlessly and respond promptly to potential clients.

    • How does RelaFlow contribute to increased lead conversion?

      RelaFlow's prompt follow-up mechanisms and personalized interactions contribute significantly to increased lead conversion rates. By engaging leads at the right time and with relevant information, RelaFlow helps nurture relationships and guide leads through the conversion funnel more effectively.

    • What kind of support does RelaFlow offer to its users?

      RelaFlow provides comprehensive customer support to assist users at every step. Whether you have technical questions, free onboarding, help with customization, or want guidance on maximizing the platform's potential, our support team is ready to assist you.

    • Can I integrate RelaFlow with other tools or platforms used in my business?

      Yes, RelaFlow is designed with integration in mind. It offers seamless integration capabilities with various tools and platforms commonly used in the real estate industry. This ensures a smooth workflow and allows you to leverage your existing tech stack effectively.

    • Can I customize RelaFlow to fit my specific business needs?

      Absolutely! RelaFlow is highly customizable to adapt to the unique requirements of your real estate business. You can tailor lead management workflows, adjust automation settings, and personalize communication templates to align with your brand and workflow.